The Stone Pier Story


In the summer of 2011, the first Stone Pier Concert Series was introduced and the "Stone Pier Stage" was born. Today, audiences on both the land and the lake continue to be enchanted by this unique live music experience. Visiting artists have also come to love the intimate and relaxed atmosphere.

The historic Stone Piers in Town Bay of Black Hawk Lake were built in 1934-1935 during the Great Depression under the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) program. The Piers were listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1991 and completely restored in 1999 under the guidance of the Lake View Historic Preservation Commission (HPC).

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The Stone Pier Stage

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"Small Communities Grow Great
Through Harmony"

It is said that music has the power to bring people together and we believe this to be true as we see crowds connect through the shared Stone Pier Concert experience. Aside from the audience, you can find volunteers on the grill, community members serving meals and even members of our local volunteer Fire Department operating the official Concert Series Burger Boat to bring food to our listeners on Black Hawk Lake. It is truly a place to witness music work its magic.


The Bands

Prepare to see talented acts from across the country rock the Stone Pier stage.


The Burger Boat

Plan to enjoy dinner at a show and if you're attending by lake, we deliver.


The Crowd

Bring your lawn chair and cooler and let the good times roll.


A true celebration of summer.

A Stone Pier Concert date on the calendar is almost always bigger than the show itself. The Stone Pier Stage is surrounded by open spaces including picnic areas, campsites, Crescent Beach, Pier 25 Playland and the Splash Pad at Speaker Park. Just two blocks from the stage, visitors can find the beginning of the 33-mile recreational Sauk Rail Trail. Our shows coincide with other awesome events including the well-loved Sip & Sample, Reel Fun Fishing Tournament and the Ronald's Road Rally fundraiser bike ride. In other words, families and friends can plan to extend their stay beyond the concert to enjoy everything that Lake View has to offer.



Whether you choose to listen on the lake or on land, we can guarantee this is a small-town Iowa summer experience you cannot miss.