Artist Submissions

We are always glad to accept submissions and are actively searching for new and talented artists to perform at the Stone Pier Summer Concert Series every year. We appreciate the efforts of all artists and your submission will be reviewed by the SPSCS Music Committee. We accept submissions year-round.

Our committee makes all of their selections by January 31 of each year. We make selections based on quality, originality, diversity and personality, and try to ensure our annual lineup is representative of a range of music genres. We have also established a rule that no band can play the Concert Series two years in a row (no exceptions). This rule has been put in place so that we can continue to bring a diverse and new lineup to our attendees each year. If you are chosen to perform, you will be contacted shortly after the final selection date. We will try to have our final lineup posted by March 1 of each year.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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